Costa del Sol Podiatric Center

In Costa del Sol Podiatric Center our main mission is to prevent any disease or deformity and advise our patients with conductive hygiene measures and footwear, either daily or work use

We also make a variety of treatments:




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General Podiatry


In chiropody (removal corns, callus and cutting and nail filing) immediate relief of discomfort suffered by a pressure increase due to a tight shoe or foot deformity occurs.


In addition, we advise on other treatments to solve or improve the reason that caused the visit:


● Elimination of hyperkeratosis (calluses) and helomas (heloma)
● Treatment of onychogryphosis (thick or deformed nail), onychomycosis (nail fungus), onichocriptosis (ingrown toenail)
● Treatment of mycosis (fungal skin), hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), bromhidrosis (odor)
● Treatment of plantar warts

Pediatric Podiatry

● It is important to early detection of any disease or disorder at an early age because that means correcting the problem, or the reduction of possible consequences in the future.

● An annual visit is advised to check any alteration, being able to come from the third year, unless you observe an anomaly, in which case must be consulted immediately.




Diabetic foot or risk

● Decreased sensitivity or blood supply are the major cause of feet ulcers, so annual visits are recommended if there is a problem diagnosed, and regular visits if there is any problem or failure in the foot care

Biomechanical and computerized gait analysis and treatment using custom insoles

Est,materiales y plant

● Not all feet are equal. The gait analysis should be individual and personal, as well as treatment with the insole; thereby improving the quality of life increasing comfort and stability and preventing further injury




Sports Podiatry

Deportiva ● Due to the recent increased and interest by amateur sports activities (running, crossfit, dance …) , there has been an increase in injuries in the population. This does not imply the cessation of the activity, but better health care. To do this go to a specialist for advice about training routines, stretching and biomechanical assessment to better performance and avoid those injuries.

Functional bandages


● They provide stability or strengthen a structure restricting the mobility of partial and selective manner and reducing the discomfort or pain in specific processes



Biomechanical study of running technique

 ● If you are fond of running or are thinking about preparing to participate in races, come to our center and we will perform a thorough study of your running technique, in order to improve your performance and prevent injuries

Diode laser treatment

laser diodo

● In the search for the forefront of the most innovative treatments, we offer this method for the final resolution of nail fungus, papillomas, ulcers and inflammatory processes in the foot
Consult us and we will inform you



Custom silicone prosthesis


● Correct or protect fingers from rubbing or pressure if deformity thereof, depending on the age; or may even replace some of them to patients with amputation.



● Treatment under local anesthetic,  corticosteroid or collagen in specific painful areas in inflammatory processes.



Foot Surgery

DSC03708 - copia

● Minor outpatient surgery, which offer a definitive treatment of ingrown toenail, interdigital heloma, removal of small lesions …


Ask us any questions about other surgery, we  will advise you to get the best results.

Home service


● Podiatric Centre installations are accessible for people with disabilities or in wheelchairs.

However, we have delivery service for those people who find it impossible to move.



For any questions about the health of your foot, please contact us.