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 Located in the centre of Fuengirola, from 2005, in the Costa del Sol Podiatric Center we serve podiatric care and health of our patients.

Due to the growing demand of the population is experiencing these services, one of our main aims is the information and prevention of podiatric problems besides treating them; always in continuous training of the latest treatments.

The foot is a complex structure of our body. Besides being made up of many bones, and possessing own and shared with the leg muscles, it has to bear the full weight of our body and the pressure at which you submit with certain types of footwear.

For all this in Costa del Sol Podiatric Center we recommend you visit us to keep in top conditions.

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Why would  you go to a podiatrist for any problem  or discomfort in the foot?


Health Specialist

The podiatrist is the only health specialist dedicated only and exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and deformities of the feet, from removing a calluses, ingrown toenails, plantar warts, …, to surgery, going through treatments with insoles.



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Professional Qualifications

Be very careful when choosing what hands we place our feet. There are many beauty salons that claim to treat problems of ingrown toenails or calluses, and even recommend treatments for fungus, but the truth is that the podiatrist has the profesional qualifications to make an accurate diagnosis with the apropiate treatment.


Material and instrumental


All materials and instruments used in clinical are properly sterilized, ensuring patient protection against any possible contagion or infection.

In the Podiatric Center Costa del Sol we put health at your feet


Tips before going to consultation
  • Maintain good hygiene and remove nail polish
  • Bring shoes you normally use
  • Remember or bring in written medication you are taking and any allergies
  • Use comfortable clothing in case of appointment to the gait analysis.